Why Photographers need Internet Marketing To Get More Clients

Why Photographers Need Internet Marketing To Get More Clients

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the practice of optimising a website’s on-page and off-page factors so that it appears higher up in a search engine’s results page, maximising the potential for customers to find it. The greater amount of visitors to a business site will result in additional clients and higher profitability is an equation that is simplistic in nature and the foundation for a successful SEO plan. Virtually all industries must implement SEO measures to remain competitive in the marketplace including the field of photography. To receive a full in-depth SEO report on your current business website, enter your website address at the bottom of this page.

The Basics of SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographers should be approached with the same standards applied to any other trade or occupation. Understanding the impact of search engine optimisation and the decisive factors that affect the process of maximising visibility are fundamental in building success. Consider the following facts compiled by the SEO community:

  • There are an estimated 200 signals that influence SEO rankings.
  • A majority of the signals are considered “on-site” or controllable items such as the title page, header tags, etc.
  • The first three search results are the primary attractions for 60-80% of all click traffic.
  • At least 75% of all user traffic will never visit page 2 of any search result.
  • Users will quickly refine a search rather than click on page 2 if a search and the first 3 results are deemed unsatisfactory.
  • Google algorithms related to SEO are becoming less complicated.
  • Accomplishing SEO measures remains technical in nature, but less technical experience is needed to reach optimal results.

Photographers need to consider the factors that seriously impact the drive for new clients and profitability that complement greater visibility. Competing photographers are certainly remaining current regarding any changes in the online marketplace while focusing on SEO trends that will consistently show at the top of search engine results. The equipment quality and talent of any photographer are moot points in the online marketplace. SEO for photographers is dependent on a properly optimised site laced with such things as relative page titles and the proper placement of images with captions including keywords.

The Power of Google

Google still remains the most powerful search engine in the world. In 2014, Net Market share revealed that Google cornered 68.75% of global search engine users. The Google Economic Impact Report indicated that $131 billion of economic activity was due to the search and advertising tools supplied by Google in the United States alone in 2014. The possible advantages of being determined at a competitive rank via Google seem endless. However, the more noteworthy benefits include:

  • Increase in economic activity or sales for ranking businesses.
  • Additional clients that fit the mission and values of specific companies.
  • Business growth that allows for properly charged services.
  • The allowance to eliminate other costly marketing initiatives.
  • Dominance in a particular area with a consistently growing client list and the ability to retain existing customers.

In 2014, Google reported 11,944 billion searches each month using Google. Users searching for wedding photographer related content include at least 1.8 million individuals. Photographers need to embrace other potential keywords that can preface or follow “photography” every day among Google searches and multiply that potential with existing client lists or standard profits.

Understanding How Google Ranks and How to Master a Higher Ranking

Google typically extracts the keywords from a search and looks for company websites that contain the highest content of titles, captions and images containing the itemised keywords. The 200 signals previously listed are worked into Google created algorithms to determine the importance of a web page based on the keyword search. Sites receiving links from other pages based on the search terms are deemed more important resulting in a higher ranking.

SEO for photographers involves some essential tips to rank competitively on Google starting with the most important overall text which is the title.
An online page is anchored by the title or title tag that appears in three key places making it the most important SEO trait of any page.

  • Title tags are displayed at the top of browser windows.
  • Title tags are shown in search engine results.
  • Outside websites, with an emphasis on social media sites include page titles in the text of links.

Photographers should develop a web page title that is specific to the page content encompassing an accurate description that will define the relationship between a user and the effectiveness of search engine optimisation. Ultimately, the title tag will be the most influential interaction with a potential client visiting a particular photographer site for the first time. Visitors will be more attracted to pages with credible and gripping titles.

The Photography Advantage

Photographers have a distinct advantage in Google rankings because of the availability of quality images to place within the content of a web page. Images are weighed heavily in determining a Google ranking due to several elements that include the following:

  • Alternate text
  • Text within the immediate area of an image
  • Filename
  • The location of the image, the area at the top of the page is considered more important.
  • Image dimensions are measured/larger images are deemed more important
  • File size is a factor and compressed images will easily load quickly. Compressed images can be accomplished by reducing the quality in Photoshop.

Google will quickly recognise “unseen” images with concise, descriptive text within the listed elements. Photographers can take advantage of distinct imagery obtained through daily work projects.

Finally, links should be considered powerful components of any successful plan relative to SEO for photographers. Google will give a higher ranking to any page that has credible links in greater numbers from other pages. Photographers will rank better among competitors with a page that has links that verify the quality and standing within the photography industry. Photographers should regard links as advantageous from the following sources:


  • Photography-relevant sites
  • Credible websites in the local area
  • Trusted, mainstream site.
  • Included in the content of an article about the photographer
  • Varying sources
  • Placement of the links towards the top of the page.

Links can carry determining factors that can help or hinder the reputation of any photographer. Relationship building is an important part of gaining positive links that will be credible for higher Google ranking.

Other Tips Influencing SEO for Photographers

The addition of a blog to any photographer page can be an essential marketing tool to extend a brand and bring in new clientele. Photographers can highlight SEO relative terminology throughout the content of a blog by discussing photograph elements such as landscape or travel that can potentially increase the signal output for Google ranking.
Conduct proper research to use the most impactful keywords related to photography. Remember to do the following:

  • Create a list of preferable keywords.
  • Run each keyword through Google’s Keyword Tool to find additional keywords similar to the initial search.
  • Look to competitive sites to compare the use of similar terms or explore the need for greater keyword saturation.

SEO for photographers can be looked upon as a creative endeavour. Photographers can actively make images come alive with descriptive keywords that can assist with reaching the ultimate ranking in Google or other comparable search engines. Photographers must remain aligned with changes and trends in the online marketplace to develop sound SEO practices to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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